About Woody "Artboy" Welch


Born in:

New Yawk City


Lives in:

Hollywood, CA


Writer/Illustrator, Photographer, Storyboard Artist, Concept   Illustrator, Portrait Artist, Sculptor and Creature Designer


Seafood, Latinas, Dinosaurs, Root Beer, Monster Movies, Rock N Roll, Pizza, and Doggies

Favorite Movies:

To Kill a Mockingbird, Twelve Angry Men, Inherit The Wind, Day The Earth Stood Still, The Thing From Another World, Return of the Living Dead, Bride of Frankenstein, Abbott & Costello Meet Frankenstein

Television Favorites:

Honeymooners, Leave It To Beaver, Star Trek (1960's), All In The Family, M*A*S*H, Hill Street Blues, Law & Order re-runs, Animal Precinct, Scrubs, and Third Watch