As in the movie, Tanya’s Island. Tanya was played by Denice Mathews who later banged Prince, got a nose job, changed her name to “Vanity” made some movies, had a wild time (really wild) hooked up with her plastic surgeon, then married a football player for a few minutes, overcame illness and then found God. Her story would’ve made a much better movie than that hunk of goo that Mariah Carey starred in.
Funny story....maybe. I entered this painting into a pro-am art exhibit in L.A. and all the effete snobs said...”That’s not art...that’s illustration” and they did everything but spit on me.
Fuck ‘em. They’re just jealous cause they can’t draw. They CAN sand and paint a two by four piece of wood, paint it yellow, lean it up against the wall and call THAT art......geniuses!