I was watching a low budget horror movie that I rented called STUMP THE

BAND, and with all due respect to the people that toiled on it, the one

thing that stuck in my mind after it was over was the teeny tiny bundle

of energy and talent named Brittney Startzman....after she was hung

upside down and eviscerated, (in the movie....what she does in her own

private life is her business) I said to myself, "'s kinda dull

now....I really liked her." So I made this composite. To call the

talented Ms. Starzman "petite" is an understatement, sort of like

calling King Kong rather tall. Short in stature, she is large on

talent....a rock and roll actress on the big screen

(she's played opposite the likes of Hugh Jackman...c'mon, he was

Wolverine for cryin' out loud!) I did this as a tribute, because,

unfortunately, while doing Pilates on the beach, a gull got her. I

blame the fact that she had let her red hair grow out (she looked

sooooooo cute in that pixie cut). Anyway I superimposed the drums onto

the shot and placed her little head on someone else's body (gasp!) and

presto! (That part about the seagull carrying her off....I made that

up. I'm a stinker.)