Halloween Sculptures


Back in the year 1999 (when Prince partied, I suppose) I was doing

voluntary servitude for a little company that was in the business of

making Halloween props and toys. It was run by a shifty little guy who

was nice enough, but still.....Anyway, I sculpted all you see here with

the exception of the EVIL PUMPKIN and the GREAT PUMPKIN. The Gargoyle

was three feet tall. Those are not masks, by the way, but soft, solid,

heads with squishy foam rubber and thick latex skins. I hated every

minute of it....ironically, the movie HALLOWEEN RESURRECTION needed my

services as a storyboard artist (and then some....shhhhhhhh don't tell

the unions) so I was rescued from the drudgery of sitting in a hot,

windowless, almost airless "studio" to working in my own studio and

drawing pictures of, among other things, actress Katee Sackhoff getting

decapitated. It's a living.